Thursday, 5 May 2016

Mike Rivero - WRH Thursday Edition - 5/5/16


  1. The corrupt and mafia Greek government could have refulsed to make the payment back to the European bank. It was a heist upon thhe greek population. What could the ECC do? Nothing.
    The greeks are crooked and they should have moved over to the BRICS, That would put their asses in gear and the ECC would face the real problem. They are just theives and the Greeks should have gone to the streets and made the appropriate demonstrations.
    They allowed themselves to get raped, again.

  2. Please don´t tell us that TESLA is failing because of low oil prices. You are putting the oil producers in a no win position win or lose.. Harley Davidson motorcycles is collapsing for reasons because of changing demographics. USA is to blame for much but not for the collapse of TESLA because of their maniulation of oil or gold prices.
    You always esteem "capitalism" and the righrt to fail. Well, now you have got a failure but still crying again. Either you are a capitalist or not, but don´t cry me a river when the winds don´t blow the right way.
    But, USA could BAIL OUT TESLA like the do with the banks. Would you agree with that?
    I didn´t think so.