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Comet Elenin with TruNews from Augusto Perez

Red Ice - Jan Irvin - 2011

Rik Clay - The Cosmic Mind p1/8

Red Ice - Sonia Barrett - 2 Parts

John Anthony West. - Egypt. Ep 1 of 8 -The Invisible Science

Michael Talbot. - April 30 1991

Tim Rifat Interview - 20/09/11

Neil deGrasse Tyson - The Science Network

Carl Sagan, Stephen Hawking and Arthur C. Clarke

Horizon - Richard Feynman - The Pleasure Of Finding Things Out

Professor Sir Harry Kroto, Nobel Prize for Chemistry said "The 1981 Feynman Horizon is the best science program I have ever seen. This is not just my opinion -- it is also the opinion of many of the best scientists that I know who have seen the program... It should be mandatory viewing for all students whether they be science or arts students."

Ramachandran -The Tell-Tale Brain.

Ramachandran - Beyond Belief 2.0

Ramachandran - Phantoms In The Brain (Episode 1)

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