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Soldiers of Conscience during the Iraq War

Excellent short film. A sickening waste of life & innocence.

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Responsibility ?

Just a quick personal note...Seeing the train wreck of events potentially coming down the line, it clearly seems to me that nobody at govermental level is actually taking ANY responsibiblity for all this action. Let`s just go through a few affairs..

Afghanistan - the continued murder of Afghan nationals who resist occupation & Karzi`s puppet rule. It ain`t the centre of international terrorism, never was. The crazy sums ploughed into the affair boggle the mind - No tangible benefits.

The invasion of Iraq, another murderous adventure involving the killing of thousands. It sailed through governmental institutions with applause from all sides once the bogey man button were pressed. Intelligence that sold & launched the campaigns had about as much credibility as scribbled napkins...everyone knew it but pretended it was true enough to act. No tangible benefits over & above the oil grab & the feeding frenzy on the taxpayer biscuit tin. Someone has to claim responsibility for the murders & atrocities? Post invasion problems...3 words to sweep a multitude of sins under the carpet..

Libya, to simplify a little, dropping arms out a helicopter to unknown trigger fingers who marched ( whooped ) across the country shooting anything that moved behind Nato planes in support. The whole operation has avoided anything like proper scrutiny or accurate reporting - thousands dead, more smashed infrastructure & in the twilight zone of chaos much like most of the past decades crusade.

The collapsed economy...The huge leveraging of banks over 20/30 years finally comes to a head. It`s passed to the tax payer, nothing more than a magic catflap where unlimited money can be drawn & unspeakable garbage of corporate failure can be disposed. In a way, the politicians were naive, they agreed to carry the burden of banking failure/fraud thinking they were taking a few bin bags when up came Wall St with a bulldozer of trash that`s now stinking out the house.

In retrospect, it`s clear in current systems of government, nobody takes ultimate responsibility for the mess, it`s all lost in the blur of the next days news & Big X Factor in the Jungle..So this decade we have perhaps, let`s be conservative, 250 000 children dead. Killed in the most brutal & cowardly way, heads chopped off by white hot shards of steel lovingly crafted by munition companies, you name it.. its being pounded in at high speed to free every poor sod in it`s sights...

Now then, the usual suspects under their tenure of head of state have suddenly yeilded to this madness, the cold political killing of men & women, the murder of children. How they still find the face to wave from the steps of a plane or parade their guilty faces on TV sicken my mind. TV is no better...feminine mutant males prance around on every channel suggesting new this & that, the news, a luke warm lie gobbled up & transmitted without a whimper of moral outrage.

So accomplished at reeling off porkey pies, they even surely fool themselves, hook a brain wave lie detector on some political scalps & the needle would barely raise a twitch. These men clearly have decieved themselves from the direct linear relationship between their calls as heads of state & what is happening on the ground. The same applies in the voting voted got it but the inheritence is your part in mass matter how dressed up, the rule of law sidesteps for nobody.

The world is a very small place these days, no longer can this murder for profit & political agenda be dressed up as anything other than what it is. The children in Iraq, Afghanistan or Libya are no different or less precious than my own, my neighbours child or the one on the next country. Thinking back to post WW2 when the mopping up was done through the courts of the Nazi`s, generals and crowd of war criminals. " Someone told me to do it " is no defence to killing..never has been at any level...never was I`m afraid.

The Banking Failure is inevitable, the wise money is long gone or short in the right places, everything else is Facebook, football & faff..I see a ship steered into war like choppy waters with the crew too busy to chart the course elsewhere.

Let`s keep it simple, ..A street in which reside the world perhaps..a street where the nations all have a house & family. The US & UK are neighbours..the French & Germans..likewise. Repeat until the the street is populated by nation states. Mr Iraq & Afghanistan has been attacked by Mr US & UK in the middle of the night. Mr Libya largely got the same. Mr Pakistan has suffered the indignity of naughty US kiddies flying toy planes over his garden killing his kids whenever the CIA feels a twitch of irrational fear..
Each house has 2 lodgers, the first being the banker. At first it was great, he was loaded & the garden soon filled with toys but soon he was looking rough with bags under the eyes. He roams in the night stashing fiscal turds in gilded napkins & assures us that inside are wonderful presents that will be worth something if left to `mature` for a few years. Now the house is stinking, every shelf groans under the weight of the grandly folded, gilded & crested napkins but nobody wants to come round to your yard sale anymore to do business because of the odour from the napkin nightmare..

Mr Israel has a lodger in the basements of many, Mr US & UK being his main chums but he is a pyromaniac, in the night, he douses the house in petrol while the family sleeps. Any curious questions about the wisdom of keeping such a dangerous guest is waved away by political donations. Any spark from Mr Israel`s affairs threaten to ignite the landlords homes in an inferno of ICBW when a desperate Netenyahu strikes a match in the direction of Mr Iran, Mr Isarel`s neighbour.

Mr China & Mr Russia both have pledged support of Mr Iran & the day has come where Mr Israel, Mr US & Mr UK may go into the garden upon agreement to light their little rockets in the direction of Mr Iran. Mr Russia & Mr China, having issued enlightened warnings about such events, see Mr Israel & his chums doing it anyway so all go out into their gardens & ignite their rockets too. In pure soap order insanity, Mr Israel hits Mr Irans house, Mr Iran hit`s Mr Israel abode. Mr US & UK rockets duly arrive in support & a return volley flies toward their homes which are saturated in the fuel of Israel support ... The volley`s continue until the whole street is a wasteland. The children are dust as they innocently played & the lunatic owners emerge from their basement hideaways, remote controls in hand to discover that the whole damn street has duly burned to the ground.

A long way of saying perhaps that were in a huge shit sandwhich, nobody wants a few buckets of sunshine in our faces through war to cover theft & fraud at home..It`s really too small a world for such lunacy & that`s the truth. The weaponary has so outgrown our political structures & purchased political thinking, we must use the most sincere dialogue & every other little thing we can pull out in the old bag of living to deal with these current challenges & leave intact a world for everybody`s kids to grow & thrive. Its all hanging in the balance, past generations must be looking on in hope or horror that we can keep it together.

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A quick note..I`m also truly sick of seeing our fine young people with moral fibre getting the baton & pepper spray for standing up to lies, corruption & theft...not just any old theft, were talking unpresidented theft that trickles down the generations into our children & grandchildren. That is the lowest of the low..robbing children of money & a future, selling such policies under `too big to fail`. I`d say however in my own view, it`s nearly winter, fall back & think..there are big moves afoot.. use the power of the people through the ballot box or the marketplace next year.

A few thoughts...A million people on the streets with a red card would make a grand statement before Christmas..look anywhere in the world, nobody argues with people coming together in such a way. Citizens might be inspired to roll out the crime scene tape to signify the nature of the situation & protect the crime scene evidence. The judicial system won`t act? ..makes them an accessory to a crime..the Police won`t act? ..shielding criminal activity or fraud, perhaps perverting the course of get the idea, it`s bad, it`s become part of the architecture of the state & it`s in plain sight.

The Problem is so systematic & entangled into the fabric of the state, it needs renewal when all its naked lunacy is unveiled. I feel if the US does not get Ron Paul for president, it`s over..Forget it. The other candidates I`m afraid seemed liars, puppets & an embarassment to the nature of cognitive man.

With silence being accepted as Nato Support for Syrian/Iranian action I may as well set fire to all that I hold dear because by drawing the Russians & Chinese into a needless conflict, they surely will. If we really want to prevent WW3, we collectively might just have to get off facebook for a day & demand it before it`s too late..

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NO to the insane Iranian nuclear attack

Just a quick note, it`s obvious the financial problems at home are largely totally unsolvable .. The exit route seems to be the Iranian - Israeli showdown with Nato involvment aginst a Russia & China alliance....Pakistan & India may decide to tussle & the whole financial mess will look like cake & cookies ..

A 100% NO to any involvment backing Israel in this absurd quest to sleep at night..they must stand alone if they act without burning the whole house down through the buying of support overseas.. governments involved in pushing this madness must withdraw.

This whole affair is the creeping end game of the grand chess board, the insane gamble with the lives of millions of women & kids (worldwide) to break the current system & erect a filthy NWO oligarchy over shattered nations & smashed economies. This is the most serious issue has to be top of the list of priorities...everything else in comparison so far is the usual pathetic governmental failure with extra smoke & mirrors to make it wash...

This issue could escalate way beyond the tiny imaginations of the infantile minds in legislation like Nancy Pelosi et al...worse case...a runaway effect ensues largely using rockets....100 million dead problem. Biological weapons...sure...the mind`s a lunacy without check & it simply must be stopped.


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A Stone of truth and rarity,
Given freely with sincerity,
Few believe or understand,
For evidence they do demand;
So here it is, as you ask,
Truth for you I do unmask;
Nature's simple, certain way,
Gives life and Hope out of decay;
For those who hear Nature's call,
Stand up strong and stand up tall;
With little time left in this world,
All the secrets will be unfurled;
From this book the wise will see
Life is not what it seemed to be.

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